Laser Hair Removal

Ideals of beauty and esthetic perceptions change over time. While the James Bond of 20 years ago, with his massively hairy chest, was considered irresistible, one finds that his successors have hairless bodies.
There are various methods of hair removal. .One can differentiate between the short-term methods which are short term and sometimes quite painful (shaving, plucking, waxing, epilation) and those that are long-term with varying prospects of success.
We can offer you professional hair removal using the most modern laser technology under medical supervision. Our laser, which is also used in varicose vein treatment is a high performance state-of the-art instrument, which is only to be found in a few specialized practices and clinics. Among other places it is used in the Dermatology Clinic of the University of Heidelberg.
How does laser treatment function?

During the treatment laser impulses are delivered to the skin. The energy is transported through the hair deep into the roots, whereby they are permanently destroyed by the heat. Only pigmented hair can transport this energy further through the dye melanin found in the hair. Blond, red or grey hair cannot successfully used due to the missing coloration. The duration of treatment depends on the size of the area treated and lasts from just a few minutes for an upper lip treatment up to an hour for a treatment of a hirsute male.
Must laser treatment be repeated?

The permanent destruction with laser energy succeeds only with hair follicles in the growth phase. Depending upon the part of the body, the relationship between the growing and the inactive hair is different. In the facial area one finds approximately 60% of the hair in the sensitive growth phase (, in the underarm area 30%, and on the legs 20%.(anagen phase). Therefore, there are usually several treatments required (3-5 sessions) separated by four to eight weeks required in order to achieve a definitive result.
Preoperative and Postoperative Treatment

To achieve a perfect result, the following rules of conduct are to be observed before treatment: At least three weeks before treatment begins, one must neither pluck nor epilate the hair; otherwise the growth cycle is disturbed. Also bleaching the hair or using depilatory creams during this time is to be avoided. On the other hand, normal shaving is allowed. Avoid sun exposure (including tanning beds) one week before the laser treatment and three weeks after. On the day of treatment, one must avoid using make-up or creams. For the first treatment, the shaved hair should have a length of 2mm in order that the hair color and characteristics can be ascertained. During the treatment one must wear eye protection. After the treatment a cool pack is applied for 15 minutes.

Is the Treatment Painful?

Our laser system is equipped with an integrated cooling system, so that every laser impulse is computer controlled to combine with an exact Kryogenstrahl This usually causes only a sensation of heat rather than pain. The treatment itself is, however, noticeable. .
Are there side effects?

The burns and blisters that occasionally occurred during the early days of laser therapy almost never happen any more when the technique is used professionally. At the same time, localised redness of the treated area for 24 hours is not unusual, but is no cause for concern. In order to prevent rare skin pigment changes, the treated area must be constantly protected from the sun one week before and three weeks after the treatment.
Treatment of areas with tattoos, permanent make up or moles is not possible. Unlike its competitors, our special laser allows for the treatment of African type skin due to its wavelength.
What does the treatment cost?

Hair removal is not covered by statutory health insurance, so you must pay for it privately. Depending on the colour of your hair and your personal growth cycle, a different number of therapy sessions will be required.

The price of laser hair removal can vary significantly from one person to another. The costs that will be incurred can only be determined following a personal consultation and examination. We charge €25 for this consultation, which will be reimbursed if you have follow-up treatment in our clinic.
Our price list is based on the costs generally incurred.

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