Hyaluronic Acid Therapy

The treatment with “joint lubricant”

What is hyaluronic acid?
Hyaluronic acid is a central component of the cartilage and serves as a lubricant in the joint (joint liquid).

What is the purpose of hyaluronic acid therapy?
Arthritis indicates a wearing out of the joint cartilage. The causes for this are various and still today not completely clarified. The fundamental primary symptoms of joint wear and tear is the pain that comes with bearing weight.

In a healthy joint the intact cartilage and the natural joint liquid provide for uninhibited movement. In a damaged joint the cartilage layer is used up, and the own joint liquid is of inferior quality, so that inevitably problems arise.

Beside well-known medicines such as cortisone, anti-inflammatory and others, there have recently been other medications used in therapy, such as hyaluronic acid preparations (“joint lubricant”). These reparations temporarily supplement the body's own joint liquid and usually lead to a marked relief of pain.

How does the treatment proceed?
Under sterile conditions the hyaluronic acid is injected into the joint concerned.
Three to five injections over a period of one week are recommended.
Arthritis of the knee joint and the ankle joint are particularly suitable for this treatment.

What kind of successes are brought about by Hyaluronic acid therapy?
- The viscosity of the joint liquid, which is degraded by the arthritis, will be increased,
   and thus their lubricating and shock absorbing characteristic repaired.
- The protective layer of the articular surface made up by hyaluronic acid,

   challenged by the arthritis, is thus strengthened and the
   cartilage protected from further damage.
- The inflammation of the synovial membrane decreases.
The ailments are frequently reduced for 12 months or longer.

What does the treatment cost?
These preparations are paid for by private health insurance companies, mandatory health insurance companies refuse to pay these costs on principle.
Since this therapy consequently presents no out-patient health benefits, our treatment is figured according to the official regulation of charges for physicians (GOÄ).
Medical costs at present amount to 50 Euros per injection. This amount consists of the costs of the medicine and the medical results according to GOÄ, No. 255.

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