Wound treatment

Wounds are defined as a separation or a destruction of the skin the impact of some outside source. It can be accompanied by a loss of skin or not. Wounds are divided according to their formation mechanism and according to their presumed germ content. These two criteria are both decisive for wound treatment and for the healing process.

Division according to their formation mechanism:
Mechanical wounds are caused by mechanical impact such as pressure, impact or pulling, for example: lacerations, cuts, contusions, tear wounds and puncture wounds.
Thermal wounds result from exposure to extreme temperatures; to be differentiated are burns, scaldings and freezings.
With chemical wounds, damage done to the tissue is caused by chemicals, primarily by acids and alkalines, which lead to cauterizations.

classification by the probable germ content:

Aseptic wounds are germ-free. They develop under sterile conditions in not infected tissue. e.g., with a bone operation.
Limited aseptic wounds are not germ free, but could become germ filled as a result of surgical procedures uring a wound treatment.
Contaminated wounds contain a pathogenic agent which causes illness and may not be closed, e.g., bire wounds, contaminated puncture wounds
Septic wounds: are wounds which indicate classical inflammation symptoms.

Wounds taking more than 8 weeks are called chronical wounds.

Healing of the wound

If one looks at the healing process of the wound more closely, one sees that there are individual phases, each having its particular characteristics. After an injury first the blood clotting is activated and Macrophages and Granulocytes find their way in. The Macrophanges clean the wound; the Granulocyten fight against the bacteria which have entered. Subsequently, new connective tissue is synthesized, blood vessels sprout in the wound area and the tissue defect slowly fills up. Epidermal cells spread across the provisional connective tissue and close the defect. After the wound is closed a remodeling of the connective tissues continue to take place for some time.
Problematic wounds

The normal healing process is complex and with some patients there is an inhibition of healing or a breakdown in healing of the wound. Individual wound healing phases or accompanying relevant cell types are hindered through rank-ordered, inhibiting influences or illnesses. The normal operational sequence is disturbed and the healing of the injury is delayed or does not occur at all.
These problems of wound healing occur in particular with the following illnesses:
- pronounced Varicose vein problems, the so-called Ulcus cruris
- Diabetes mellitus (sugar illness)
- certain nerve illnesses/Polyneuropathy
- lack Nutrition (e.g. lack of zinc)

Both the fresh injury wound as well as the problematic wound are treated in our practice.
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