Shock Wave Therapy

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What are shock waves?

We routinely encounter shock waves in everyday life. They are high energy sonic waves with a high amplitude such as experienced in a sonic boom. During shock wave therapy, shock waves of high energy are produced, concentrated and directed to the painful area.

How does shock wave therapy work?

In our practice we work with two different shock wave instruments. They are differentiated by their technical configuration and the desired dispersion of shock waves in the body. The therapy with the “large” shock wave instrument, concentrates the waves with pin-point accuracy with the aid of a lens and results in a highly focused application.

By means of the sonic waves, the physician observes and directs the waves with remarkable accuracy to the affected part of the body. It is therefore possible to dissolve massive calcium deposits or to precisely target diseased tissue, even if it is located deep in the body.

The small shock wave instrument generates more generalized waves that are dispersed in the tissue and are termed radical. These radical shock waves can penetrate human tissue up to only 35 mm and are, therefore, suitable for the treatment of disorders located near the surface.

Shock wave therapy is able to impact sinews, cysts, the periosteum, and aspects related to the care of nervous disorders.

•    The individual body’s self-healing powers are activated in the pain zones.
•    The increased blood flow elevates the vasculature exchange of oxygen.
•    The healing process is stimulated and accelerated by cell regeneration.
•    The shock waves stimulate the growth of bone mass, especially in
      the area of slow healing fractures.
•    • Calcium deposits can be "dissolved".

When is a shock wave therapy appropriate?

•    for painful irritations of the tissue as a result of sprains, excessive stress
      or degeneration
•    for acute and chronic pain, for example, in the back, shoulder and neck areas,
      resulting from, long-term shortened and thickened muscle structures.
•    as pain therapy in conjunction with acupuncture.
•    in instances of bone fractures or after an operation.
•    for bursitis or tendinitis of the shoulder
•    for heel spurs
•    for tennis elbow

The course of treatment

The treatment is outpatient and non-invasive, that is, it does not involve surgical intervention. Radical shock wave therapy is done in our offices. After the pain zone has been localized, the instrument’s transducer is precisely adjusted and the area flooded with 2000 waves. A therapeutic session lasts about five minutes. There are 2-5 treatments required and delivered at one week intervals. Focused shock wave therapy is offered in conjunction with the Orthopedic-Surgical Working Group of Westphalia.

What results does shock wave therapy have?

For about ten years, shock wave therapy has proven to be most effective in daily practice in world wide studies.

Depending on the clinical picture, approximately 70 -80% realized very good results.

What does the treatment cost?

Private insurance companies often reimburse the costs.
The compulsory health insurance companies have not had this procedure in their service catalogues in a long time.

The treatment costs for the radical shock wave therapy come to 52.46 euros per session according to the national guidelines

For the focused shock wave therapy, according to GOÄ, 225.23 euros is charged.

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