Vein operation

With trunk varices (a varicose vein formation in one of the larger veins) of the Vena saphena magna (large saphenous vein), Vena saphena parva (small saphenous vein), large-caliber varicosis of lateral saphenous branches (varicose veins of the lateral saphenous branch) and with Perforansvarikosis (varicosis of the perforated veins), surgical treatment is the therapy of choice.

Depending upon the character of the varicose vein problems, some or all of the following interventions could be necessary:

- endovasale laser therapy for varicose veins
- crossectomy
- stripping,
- Removal of lateral branches
- Elimination of perforated veins

Endovenous Laser Therapy:
The crucial advantage is in the minimum invasive intervention, that is, an inguinal incision (strip cut), common up to now, can be avoided. The intervention can be accomplished with local anesthesia almost pain-free. Postoperatively, one need not spend much time convalescing in bed. It is possible to make a rapid return to everyday activities, and therefore only a very short time away from work is necessary.

With endovasale laser therapy, performed under local anesthesia, a catheter is introduced into the vein to be treated. The laser fiber is advanced above it. Through the laser there comes a shrinking of the vein, so that no further return flow from the groin can take place. The damaged vein is thus permanently closed. The long-term results are excellent.

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· Crossectomy: Crossectomy is understood to mean the surgical removal of the crosse- the cutting of the damaged vein opening of both superficial master veins where they converge with the deep vein system. For the Vena saphena magna this junction is in the groin: for the Vena saphena parva in the back of the knee. The crossectomy corresponds to the first phase of the vein stripping.

· Stripping: With this intervention not only is the junction of the master veins, but rather the master veins are (also) pulled out totally or partly with a probe (stripped). The classical stripping operation with a trunk varices of the Vena saphena magna, with which the entire vein is removed, is the so-called operation according to Babcock.

· Removal of the side branch varicosities: Through several small skin incisions the single varicose vein branches are extracted.

· Prevention of perforated veins: In the case of insufficiency of one or several perforated veins (the connection between the deep and superficial vein systems) a perforated ligature will be carried out. i.e., the relevant perforated vein is cut off.

Minimally invasive surgery
Special instruments and blood vessel surgery techniques were developed, which make larger skin incisions only partially necessary in the groin or the back of the knee. Thereby, longer vein sections can be removed with very small cuts.

Things one needs to know about varicose veins
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