Useful Links

All about osteoporosis
osteoporosis self-help groups
information about osteoporosis
things to know about osteoporosis and morbus paget (Paget’s disease)

Things of Interest Regarding Rheumatic Diseases:
one of the largest self-help groups in Germany
important tips about rheumatic illnesses
National Association for Health Information and Consumer Protection

Important Tips Regarding Pain Disorders
all about headaches
website of the German Green Cross, information about pain disorders and their therapies, addresses of self-help groups
information about pain, addresses of self-help groups

Further Important Links:
cancer counseling and assistance in your vicinity
information about the organ donor ID card
advisory about many orthopedic illnesses
decision assistance in the selection of a hospital, for example, through the listing of the frequency of completed operations
largest social association in Germany. Here you find advice about retirement issues
Office of Social Affairs (formerly Pension Office Landau). This office takes care of duties related to social security, individual assistance to severely disadvantaged persons, and the severely disabled. The initial application for the determination of disability status may be downloaded here.
Informations about disturbance of growth

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