Pain Therapy

In acute pain therapy we differentiate between acute pain and chronic pain.

Acute pain has a warning function and gives important hints for the diagnostic findings. For example, a painful tooth brings one quickly to the dentist, who is aware of the fundamental problem and can treat it. It is the same with an acute injury, inflammation, etc., by which, normally, various remedies can quickly and successfully be brought to bear.

When referring to chronic pain swe mean pain that lasts longer than it normally takes for healing to take place. Aside from bodily causes, there are also often accompanying psychological and social factors at work. Chronic pain indicates that the warning function of pain has been lost and becomes an illness in itself. This condition can cause changes in the patient’s life. Well known chronic pain conditions are trigeminal neuralgia, phantom pain, certain head and back pains, in particular after spinal column operations. Medications play an essential role in the treatment of chronic pain. Often Opiods must be given since they offer high effectiveness and good tolerance.
The often voiced fear that one later becomes addicted is ungrounded.

Physical therapy, with its various treatment possibilities, such as warmth and cold but also physiotherapy, etc., has, moreover, fundamental significance in pain therapy

Further fundamental building blocks of pain therapy are the so-called alternative healing methods such as acupuncture or also hypnosis, which can complement classical medicine.

Chronic conditions can also be relieved by transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and progressive muscle relaxation according to Jakobson.

Muscle relaxation provides a muscular relaxation technique, which is more easily learned than is autogenic training. We can offer all these therapies in our practice, and if necessary we can also transfer you to our pain hospital units in Kaiserslautern, Mainz or Saarbrucken. In cooperation with your family doctor we can also arrange additional psychotherapeutic treatment if necessary.
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