Dr. M.Rygula

Univ. Graz Medical Specialist

for orthopedics and surgery

- studied human medicine in Austria until 1983
- provided medical assistance in the Kaiserslautern Clinic from 1983 - 1984
  areas of specialty: internal medicine, surgery, anesthesia
- specialist training in surgery and orthopedics since May 1986
  in the St. - Johannis Hospital Landstuhl
- since 1993 a resident specialist for surgery and orthopedics  in the group practice together with Dr C.T. Udewald.

Auxiliary Designations: :
- chiropractic medicine
- sports medicine

Auxiliary Qualifications: :
- hypnosis
- osteopathic medicine
- technical instruction in X-ray diagnostics
- ultrasound diagnosis - joints
- out-patient operations

Special Field:
- Holistic treatment with osteopathy and hypnosis

- German Society for Manual Medicine
- German American Academy for Osteopathy
- Professional Association of GermanSurgeons

Mon., Tue., Wed., Thur., Fri. : 07:30- 12:00 am
Special appointments on request
Mon., Tue., Wed., Thur. : 14:00-17:00 pm
Burgstraße 9
67659 Kaiserslautern
Tel.: +49-631-3160550
Spider Veins Treatment
Digital X-ray
In-Patient OP since April 2010
Out-Patient OP
Chiropractic therapy
Continuity Physicians
Magnetic Field Therapy
Shock Wave Therapy

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