Dr. O. Fischer

specialist for orthopedics
specialist for surgery

Curriculum Vitae:

study in human medicine from 1984 to 1991 in Wuerzburg, Vienna and Mainz

AIP in the orthopedic department of the St. Johannis Hospital in Landstuhl (Head Physician Professor P. Hinz) 1992/93

specialized training in the surgical department the West Palatinate Clinical Center of the Kaiserslautern (Head Physician Professor B. Koch) 1993 to 1999

specialized training in the orthopedic department of the St Johannis Hospital Landstuhl (Head Physician Professor P. Hinz/Dr. W. Hauck) 2000 to 2002, until the end active as Assistant Medical Director with emphasis on foot surgery and arthroscopic operations on the knee, shoulder and ankle joint.

oversight of the Federal Soccer League Team of the 1 FCK as a Team Physician 2006 to 2007

since April 2010 resident doctor in the group practice Dr. M. Rygula, Dr. M. Pfeffer, Dr. P. Koch, Dr. O. Fischer.

Additional Designations:
chiropractic therapy
sports medicine

Auxiliary Qualifications:
certificate in foot surgery
X-ray diagnostics, ultrasonic diagnostics
ultrasonic diagnostics of joints and infantile hips
osteology (DVO)

Special Fields:
foot illnesses
in-patient and out-patient operations of the front and back of the feet, shoulder and knee joints, arthroscopic operations

Society of Foot Surgeons (GFFC)
Sports Doctors Organization of Rhineland-Palatinate

out-patient operations in the operating room of our own practice
In-patient operations in St. Johannis Hospital Landstuhl

arthroscopic operations on knee, shoulder and ankle joints

Foot: Hallux valgus (bunion), Hallux rigidus (stiff big toe joint), Metatarsalgien (stress related toe and metatarsal bone pain) small toe deformations, instabilities, kink - flatfeet, arthritis, Achilles' tendon complaints, heel spur

Knee: Meniscus injuries (including meniscus seam), front crucial ligament rupture, cartilage damage (including cartilage replacement), kneecap diseases and injuries

Shoulder: rigid shoulder, calcified shoulder, rotator cuff injury, arthritis, bottleneck syndrome

Mon., Tue., Wed., Thur., Fri. : 07:30- 12:00 am
Special appointments on request
Mon., Tue., Wed., Thur. : 14:00-17:00 pm
Burgstraße 9
67659 Kaiserslautern
Tel.: +49-631-3160550
Spider Veins Treatment
Digital X-ray
In-Patient OP since April 2010
Out-Patient OP
Chiropractic therapy
Continuity Physicians
Magnetic Field Therapy
Shock Wave Therapy

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