Legally Established Services

In the framework of the mandatory health insurance, our spectrum of services include the following:

- Acupuncture
lower back pain, arthritic knee

- Out-patient operations
in our own operating rooms

- Chiropractic therapy
treatment of blocked joints

- Digital X-ray diagnostics
low radiation technology

- Laboratory examination
determination of orthopedic, surgical and rheumatological symptoms

- Osteology
diagnostics and therapy of bone diseases

- Proctology
diseases of the rectum

- Pain therapy
Spinal disorders, herniated disc, closing of the joints (arthritis).

- Sports medicine
treatment of sports injuries and problems of overstraining.

- Ultrasound examination
locomotor problems (joints, muscles, tendons, infantile hip, arteries (e.g., blood circulation disturbances), veins (thromboses), abdomen and abdominal organs

- Wound treatment
e.g diabetic foot, open leg

Mon., Tue., Wed., Thur., Fri. : 07:30- 12:00 am
Special appointments on request
Mon., Tue., Wed., Thur. : 14:00-17:00 pm
Burgstraße 9
67659 Kaiserslautern
Tel.: +49-631-3160550
Spider Veins Treatment
Digital X-ray
In-Patient OP since April 2010
Out-Patient OP
Chiropractic therapy
Continuity Physicians
Magnetic Field Therapy
Shock Wave Therapy

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