What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic manual therapy in which functional disorders are diagnosed and treated with the hands. It is based in accordance with the principle “life is movement,” that all tissues of the body must move freely. If movement is restricted in a body tissue, its function will be affected. If more and more such restrictions of movement come together, the healthy organism can no longer compensate, and the first symptoms appear.

Osteopathic treatment is based on the knowledge and application of the following three principles:

 •    The body is a single entity. It is always involved as a whole unit in health and illness.
 •    The body is itself capable of generating the healing powers which it needs.
 •    Structure and function are reciprocally bound to each other.

Osteopathic medicine always strives to incorporate the entire person in the treatment: it tries to be just to the human being in his bodily, emotional and spiritual uniqueness, and to reach the goal of the treatment with him or her.

One differentiates among three treatment areas within osteopathic medicine:

•    parietal osteopathy for the treatment of the muscle-joint system.
•    visceral osteopathy for the treatment of the inner organs.
•    craniosacral osteopathy for the treatment of the control system of the body’s
      central nervous system, the brain and its surrounding structures.

Osteopathic treatment is especially appropriate with:

•    disorders of the locomotor apparatus
•    physical complaints after accidents, injuries and operations
•    allergies, chronic illnesses
•    neuralgic complaints and tinnitus
•    accompanying therapy to classical medicine for treatment of systemic diseases, for example, rheumatism
•    and much more.

The course of treatment:

The special significance of osteopathy lies in the discovery and treatment of the causes of the complaints and not just the elimination of symptoms.
  With his/her schooled hands, the osteopath feels and fulfills function disturbances, resolves them and thereby helps the body to activate its self-healing powers, so that the disturbances disappear or get considerably better.
The place of treatment can diverge greatly from the place of the symptoms.

The first osteopathic examination and treatment lasts approximately 43 minutes, and each further treatment about 30-45 minutes. Experience indicates that 2-4 sessions are necessary.

What does the treatment cost?

Most of the private insurance companies cover the costs of private patients, either totally or at least partially.
The required insurance companies have for a long time not had the procedure in their service catalogues.
The therapy costs come to 90 – 130 euros (each according to treatment time), according to the federal regulation for physicians’ fees (GOÄ)

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